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Patronage of BJMTR Operating Lines Totaled 11.28 Million During 2018 National Day Period

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National Day holiday 2018 starts on October 1 (Monday) and ends on October 7(Sunday). In this period, the total patronage of BJMTR operating lines reached 11.28 million in which the patronage of BJL4 and DXL is 7.97 million (average daily patronage at 1.139 million); the patronage of BJL14 east section is 2.301 million (average daily patronage at 329,000); the patronage of BJL14 west section is 614,000 (average daily patronage at 88,000); the patronage of BJL16 north section is 395,000 (average daily patronage at 56,000). 10856 train trips (including 12 additional ones) were provided. Operation at BJMTR operating lines were stable and orderly.