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Regulation on Passengers (Provisional)

1. In order to enhance the operation safety management, ensure the orderly operation of metro and create a safe, convenient and harmonious environment for the passengers, this regulation is made in accordance with “Regulation on Operation Safety of Metro Transport in Beijing”.  

2. Any person who entered the premises of metro (Including entrance/ext, pass way, platform, concourse, car) should follow the regulation.   
3. Passenger must have a valid ticket to take the train service in accordance with “Regulation on the Use of Ticket in Beijing Metro System”.  
4. Passengers should accept and cooperate in security check according to relevant regulations. Security check person could refuse passengers who do not accept the security check to enter the station; In case passenger refuses to accept security check and forces to enter the station or disturbs the station order, security check person could stop him/her and submit him/her to police authority. 
5. Passengers are not allowed to carry goods prohibited by laws and regulations into metro premises (Specific items are given in notices published by Public Security Authority). In case prohibited item is intercepted, security check person could dispose it according to relevant regulations and report to public security authority to handle it according to law. 
6. Items carried by passengers are limited by 30 kg in weight, 1.8m in length, 0.5m in width and height. Items which may hinder passage in train or station or may impose safety hazard to operation are not allowed to enter stations. 
7. Child under 1.3m taking metro should be accompanied by adult to ensure safety.  
8. Person with uncivilized behavior such as Improperly dressed, seriously drunk trouble maker, potent infectious disease patients and person whose health condition may harm the personal safety of the passengers are not allowed to enter the railway premises.
9. Disabled and psychiatric patients should be accompanied by his/her guardian or other healthy adult when taking the train service.
10. When taking the escalator, passengers should observe the safety regulations, stand firm at the right side and hold the handrail, do not lean on the sidewall of the escalator. 
11. Passengers must observe the following instructions: 
(1)Passengers shall wait in line orderly inside the safety line, do not lean on the platform screen door;   
(2)Aboard the train from the 2 sides of the door after the alighting passengers alighted the trains, mind the gap between the train and the platform;  
(3)When train arrives at the terminal, all passengers shall alight the train;  
(4)In case train service is interrupted, passengers shall follow the arrangement of the metro staff or transfer to other transport means. 
12. The following behaviors are prohibited: 
(1)Enter into dangerous areas such as track and tunnel without permission;  
(2)Put or drop obstacle on track;
(3)Force to board or alight the train when the bell rings or force the door open when it is closed;  
(4)Operate emergency or safety facilities under normal conditions;
(5)Put sundry objects at station, passenger saloon or excavation pass way, set up vender post without authorization;    
  (6) Go counter-direction on the escalator
  (7) Other behaviors which may impose hazard to the safety of metro operation. 
13. Passengers shall actively give the seats to seniors, children, sick, pregnant passengers and passengers with infant or other needy persons. 
14. Passengers should keep the environment hygiene in stations and trains. Smoking, spitting, defecation, dropping chewed gum, littering, graffiti or taking pets (Except police dog and guide dog) are prohibited; Laud noise or playing music are not allowed; Putting foot on seat at station and train is not allowed.  
15. Damage of facilities and equipment in metro premises is prohibited. Passengers are not allowed to move, cover and stain alarming signage, excavation or guiding signs, safety signs. 
16. In case of emergency or incident at metro premises, passengers should keep calm and evacuate under the instruction of metro staff or PA.
17. Passengers could participate in public appraisal on metro operation safe service through Passenger Satisfaction Survey or other channel. 
18. If passengers are not satisfied with metro service, they can report and complain to the metro operators or Beijing transport authorities. 
19. Passengers shall observe this instruction. Metro operators are entitled to stop prohibited behavior and dissuade whoever violates the Regulation and refuse to provide service to him/her. In case laws and regulations are violated, the offender will be sent to transport authorities or the police according to law. 
20. This regulation is effective from February 1, 2016.